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BECAUSE YOU and your family are our guests, we want you to be Ocean Safe! The ocean is mesmerizing and extraordinarily beautiful, almost hypnotic. But, the ocean is also treacherous, bitterly cold, and has awesome power. Young children must not go below the bluff unaccompanied or be permitted to be alone even on the gentler beaches. Even on the calmest days, a roller of extraordinary size can crash ashore and engulf anyone along the water's edge. NEVER TURN your back on the ocean. Check tide tables and know when the tide is rising. Use care when descending cliffs. They can be extremely slippery. If a large wave hits you, drop everything and hang on tight. Make sure the second, third and fourth waves aren't about to hit you before you loosen your grip. Please be aware, be careful, and be… Ocean Safe. O C E A N S A F E

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